Cambridge ResidenceMandarina Studio is a Boston based full service interior design firm specializing in distinctive commercial and residential projects ranging in scope from the decoration of a single family residence to complete renovations and new construction. Recognized for creating interiors that have been described as crisp, modern, refined, elegant, luxurious and timeless, the firm stands apart in a captivating diverse portfolio of work. Our experience, expertise, imagination and talent ensures a multi-dimensional perspective that sees the big picture without sacrificing the details.

At Mandarina Studio we firmly believe that successful design must be rooted in the characteristics unique to each project and we work tirelessly to create highly individualized aesthetic results for our discerning clientele. We do not subscribe to a singular style, but rather to a design philosophy which recognizes that no two projects are alike and the most successful designs are achieved through collaboration and innovation. Guided by the goals and aspirations of the client, we approach each project with a fresh perspective that draws from the past to inspire the present and inform the future.

Our people are collaborative, creative, interesting and interested. We listen and ask the right questions from the initial meeting. Committed to a process that is flexible and agile, we partner with our clients and utilize our own finely curated network of experts, to create tailored design solutions that are beautiful, comfortable, healthy living and working environments.