Interior Design for the Cambridge, MA area

Commercial and Residential Interior Designer

Transform your home or office into a stunning location with Mandarina Studio’s services. We specialize in commercial and residential interior design throughout Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, weaving together a tapestry of form and style to make your space look good. Since 2009, we have been creating exciting and innovative solutions for a myriad of residential homeowners and commercial establishments. We provide quality care and phenomenal results, all while working within your budget.

Our interior designs for homes and stores often feature crisp, clean lines; fresh, bright colors; interesting textures and expert utilization of each space’s natural light. Our designers have mastered the elements and principles of successful design and will apply this important knowledge while designing your space.  Blending artistic design with the natural flow of a room, we incorporate your ideal living or work space’s conditions into an exciting statement.

We center our design philosophy on you: the client. You set the budget and you provide the inspiration! Whether you want a bold example of professionalism, or a casual ensemble to express your personality, we accommodate you. One size does not fit all when it comes to something as personal as interior design

Contact us to inquire about our services, and let us prepare a custom design proposal for your home or business today.