Lexington Residence


Lexington, Massachusetts


When this contemporary couple and their young family moved from a condo in Cambridge to their first family home in Lexington, the project called for a complete gut renovation. Their design aesthetic leaned more toward the clean and modern, but they wanted to incorporate the charm and age of the home into the design.

One way we blended their modern sensibilities with the home’s original enchantment was through the color palette. I worked in a cool color palette of blues and grays with yellow accents inspired by the original blue and yellow stained glass window in the entry foyer. To keep a flow throughout the home, the main colors were kept consistent with a change in the accent or the addition of another color in each area to add a bit of interest and differentiation of the spaces.

The 5-bedroom, 3.5-bath home went through a complete gut renovation. I assisted in every stage of the design including the kitchen and bath layout & design; fixtures, finishes, cabinetry, lighting throughout the home as well as consulting on furniture selection and placement, window treatments and fabrics.

The client, a private jeweler, brought her own exquisite eye and appreciation of beauty to the project. I helped translate her eye to home design. While the home has a distinct modern feel, we incorporated sentimental antique pieces and family heirlooms selectively throughout. The home’s warmth and elegance works in harmony with the century-old architecture without feeling overly traditional, creating a highly personal space that reflects the family who lives there.